Women In Affairs – Private Infidelity Support Group

Ladies! You have requested it and it’s happening. A support group for women in affairs. The other woman / the mistress.

A safe place where you will no longer feel alone and can voice your secrets, your shame, your guilt and your pain.

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✨ A safe place where you will no longer feel alone, unseen and misunderstood.

✨ A place to be able to connect and relate with others going through the complexity of emotions that you are experiencing.

✨ A place where you can feel safe voicing your secrets, your shame, your guilt.

No longer will you have to carry this burden over your shoulders on your own.

Many people have asked “is there a support group for cheaters?” / “is there a support group for the other woman / the mistress going through an affair dynamic?” …Or any help for that matter.

You see everywhere, the support groups for people who have been betrayed which is fantastic but what is hard to find is any help or advice for people stuck in long term affairs.

My intention for this group is to create a safe place where women can connect and get support on their own journey of dating a married man or ending a long term affair relationship.

A reoccurring theme with “the other woman” / mistress when dating a married man is feeling completely alone in this. Like you have no one to talk to that would really understand what you are going through and on top of that be able to hold a safe space for you while you do express what you are going through.

This is what this group is all about.

Affair Recovery Coach Kate London Infidelity Support Group For The Other Woman

So, what is the goal of hosting this infidelity support group?

This group is the starting point towards you creating pivotal change in your life. Change that fills your heart with joy and creates a freedom and self-confidence in you that you may currently feel you have lost.

  • This group IS NOT a place for you to stay stuck in your stories without any desire to create fulfilling outcomes.
  • This IS NOT a group to blame, shame, point fingers and stay in a victim mindset.
  • This IS NOT a group that creates dependence on one another to get through your pain.

Instead, it’s a group providing you with the support to go within. Providing you with the tools and techniques you need to be able to find your own answers.

Ultimately YOU are the only one that has the true power to create lasting change in your life. And in order to take back our power, we must begin to search within instead of attempting to solve the external / our affair partner.

This group is private. And I will be pre-approving everyone who joins to ensure it’s a safe place.

So click the link below, fill out the questions and I can’t wait to connect with you more!

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Affair quotes for the other woman in an affair infidelity recovery coach kate london support mistress

But…there is NO WAY I want to be seen as the “Other Woman”!?

If you still feel insanely afraid of being seen, even in a safe place. I feel you. I was that woman too!

I thought I would NEVER tell a soul.

If that’s you, then I encourage you to send me a private message to start with because even though it’s insanely scary and confronting, it is equally healing too

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You can also message me privately through the contact page on my website or through my Instagram account.

Are there other support groups for women in affairs/cheaters?

I found this infidelity support group online. A few things I loved about it is that it is fully private. You don’t have to put in your actual name / there’s no way that you can be traced or found which is amazing because that ticks a massive box of safety. It’s a group for all people the betrayed the cheater etc which again gives many viewpoints to infidelity in general which can be really beneficial. I however personally hopped off it pretty quick because it’s more a place to get sympathy or let out your emotion/anger/blame etc. Not a proactive place to create empowering and lasting change.

Another great group is the Esther Perel Discussion Group Which is a fantastic Facebook group that is active and has a lot of discussion on the topic of infidelity. I highly recommend you check it out.

I haven’t personally found another group other than my own (Women In Affairs – Private Infidelity Support Group) for the other woman/mistress/side-chick but if you find one you can always let me know and I will link it in this blog!

Private Support Group For Women In Affairs

Not sure a group environment is right for you?

If you would rather support 1-1 where you can openly express all that you are going through and finally create change in your life that inspires you, then book in a private call with me to get a feel for what it would be like to work with me exclusively. I look forward to connecting with you on the path that best suits your needs!

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