Private Infidelity Support Group For Women In Affairs

Joining a support group for women in affairs is about making room for shared experiences—and so much more. One recurring theme about being the other woman or a mistress of a married man is feeling isolated and alone. You may have felt this before too—like you have no one to talk to that would really understand what you are going through. 

That’s one reason having a group for women in affairs is so important: It’s a reminder that you’re not alone.

But in addition to that, women in affairs with married men also have unique needs when it comes to processing and healing. So, it only makes sense to also have a group that’s been tailored to meet those needs too.

Keep reading to learn more about how powerful support groups can be for women in affairs and what you can find inside our private community so you can decide if it’s right for you.

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Why Create a Support Group for the Other Woman?

The origin story of our private community really starts with my own experiences as the other woman. After being entangled in  a secret relationship with a married man for 7 years—who also happened to be my boss—it took me a long time to make sense of what I had been through. 

But as I began to heal, I couldn’t leave other women going through this pain alone. Isolated in the name of shame and judgement. I longed to be able to freely express emotions in a safe way without people’s bodies tensing up as much as they were trying to care. I longed to bring women together who knew the complex emotions and experiences that come up specifically in affair relationships—who felt the layers of heartbreak I was going through. 

Eventually, I made it out on the other side and regained control of my life.

But I wouldn’t take it back because, as hard as it was, this experience was the catalyst for my mission now: Helping other women find their own path through their relationship with a married man (whatever that looks like). 

As an Affair Recovery Coach, the goal is to help you claim the relationship and life you really desire—not the one you feel you’ve settled for. 

What to Expect Inside Our Private Group for Women in Affairs

This group is for all women who find themselves in a relationship with a married man. So whether you were single and started dating a married man, or you’re married and also seeing a married man, you’re welcome here. 

Openness, non-judgement, and compassion are important pillars of our group. You can let your guard down and finally exhale, knowing you’re among women who truly see you.

Wondering what exactly you can expect from joining?

  • Privacy. Joining this group takes more than the click of a button—and for good reason! Every single woman who is added to the group is screened, ensuring that your privacy is protected.
  • Confidentiality. When you join, you agree to confidentiality. This adds a layer of protection for you and all the women in the group, encouraging a feeling of security and safety.
  • Understanding. Inside this group, there is no room for shame. The women in this group have been through what you’ve been through so we all get it, in ways the other close people in your life might struggle to.

What’s included in our support group:

  • 2x weekly group calls with Kate 
  • Private app access (available on iPhone, Android, or your computer)
  • Daily chat support with the community

With women joining from across the globe, it’s easy to hop in, share, and find a safe place where you can get something off your chest anytime you need to.

Here’s one more thing you should know: This isn’t a space where your relationship will be judged. Everyone’s relationship situation is unique, and this is accepted by all. Some women who join have gone no contact with their affair partner for some time, but are still working through the deep emotions of moving on.

Others are going through the process of their affair partner leaving his marriage for you. 

Other women haven’t decided what’s best for them yet, and that’s okay too. 

What’s most important in this group is that we make room for change if that’s what you choose. Any decision you make about your relationship—staying, leaving, or even somewhere in between—should come from an empowered place within you. 

But joining our group opens the doors to reimagining and rebuilding your life too. You might not feel it right now, but you CAN create change in your life and find the freedom and self-confidence you once had again. 

You can get unstuck from your stories and start creating outcomes that serve you. 

While this infidelity support group may not have all the answers, we do help you access the tools and resilience you need to find your answers in your own way. 

Nervous about being seen as the other woman?

If identifying as a mistress of a married man or seeing yourself as the other woman is nerve-wracking for you, you’re not alone. 

Many women in affair relationships fear being seen, even in a safe place. Wearing this label in front of others—let alone saying it to yourself—may not be easy. This is just one reason why support groups for the other woman are too few and far between.

Society will have you believe that other women are “homewreckers” with no right to complain. In many ways, mistresses are not only judged as selfish and greedy, but they are also dehumanised in many ways. 

The reality is that women in affair relationships are only human, and they are having authentic, deep, emotional experiences that impact their lives in so many ways. The trauma of being a mistress is real—and so is the pain of ending a relationship with a married man you love.

Women in affairs deserve more understanding and compassion that they’re often given, but by holding the door open for healing through this support group we can shine a light on how different it is in the media versus reality.

Ending a long term affair relationship is hard—and you shouldn’t have to walk through it alone. Let go of shame and walk through the doors of our mistress support group if you’re ready for change.

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Join Our Private Support Group for Women in Affairs

Curious about joining our support group for women in affairs? The doors are open. No matter where you are now in your relationship with a married man, you deserve to have support as you navigate your way through it. 

Although your journey is unique and will look different to other women—even those who identify as the other woman—you can always find a soft place to land inside our group.

Ready to take the first step? Book a short (and totally free) call with me to gain access to the group.

Interested in 1-1 support?

If you’re looking for one-on-one guidance with an expert who has first-hand experience, 1-1 coaching is another option worth exploring. Over twelve sessions, we work together to create room for you to process what you’ve been through, figure out what you really want, and design a roadmap together on the steps you can take to get there.  

Plus, when you sign up for coaching, access to our private community is included, so you can tap into the wisdom of the group whenever you want to. 

Let’s start a conversation about which path feels right for you. We can explore your option on a FREE discovery call, and move forward from there.

I look forward to connecting with you and hearing your story.

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