My intention is to provide you with a safe place to land with all that you are carrying alone.

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Are you ready to fully trust yourself?

Whether you feel completely overwhelmed with the state of your situation, something just happened, he just called, you accidentally broke no contact, or you feel stuck or ready to make changes, this session is crafted to bring you peace, groundedness, clarity, a path forward and, above all, replenish your sense of innate worth.

Investing in yourself through individual coaching with Kate offers a potent path to clarity, guidance, and support as you navigate life’s hurdles and pursue deeper, emotionally healthy, and connected relationships.

Kate’s expertise and compassionate approach create a safe environment for shame-free self-discovery and clarity, empowering you with the strength to move in a direction that deeply fulfils you.
Don’t delay in prioritizing your well-being. Take the pivotal first step towards fully stepping into your dignified self.

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“Meeting with a broad group of women from all over the world has been so enlightening for me. While we are all going through our own pain and heartache, the support of knowing that someone else understands you and can empathize is invaluable. It was so helpful to be able to talk to the group when long after my girlfriends could not understand why I continued to morn the loss of my affair partner.”

How to end it for good without going back

20 journaling prompts to get you out of confusion and into clarity.

A framework that helps you take empowered action and create lasting change.

And it starts with the simple step of asking the right questions. Asking the right questions will get you the answers you are seeking.

“The affair recovery support group facilitated by Kate was the missing piece that I needed to finally break free from a long-term affair. It was a safe haven, and exactly the kind of tender and open support that I needed during a vulnerable time. Being able to focus on aligning to my needs finally has been a source of strength and empowerment.”