How to end it for good without going back

20 journaling prompts to get you out of confusion and into clarity.

A framework that helps you take empowered action and create lasting change.

How to end it for good, without going back

It starts with the simple step of asking the right questions.

Asking the right questions will get you the answers you are seeking.

Meet Kate

I’ve been through the same experience as you. I got involved in an extramarital affair with a married man and stayed stuck in that relationship for 7 long years.

I was caught in this complex, and seemingly inescapable battle, between right, wrong and nothingness.

And, amidst all that craziness and the constant need to be enough for him (and me), I lost my values, identity and myself – completely.

Watch my story…

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Kate London - Affair Recovery Coach

“I found Kate in one of the darkest and most desperate moments of my life. I reached out to her the day after I had contemplated suicide and she was available that same day for a consultation. Her light and energy breathed hope into me and we embarked on my journey of finding my voice, power, and peace. Every session she challenged me by diving deep and asking the hard questions that completely shifted my perception of not just my situation but my entire life. She was accessible in between our sessions via text/voice message and gave thoughtful responses. Kate is very supportive, affirming, encouraging, and full of grace. She met me where I was but didn’t let me stay there and I’m eternally grateful for her and the work we did.”

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