For women in affairs

What will hurt more – moving on or hanging on?

How to end it for good without going back

20 journaling prompts to get you out of confusion and into clarity.
A framework that helps you take empowered action and create lasting change.

Are you in an affair?


You're sick of living a double life

You have tried to end it countless times but keep going back

You feel empty, alone, on edge, and trapped

You second-guess yourself because you don’t know what you want

You're strategizing on how to make an unhealthy situation healthy

You experience extreme highs and lows, but now the highs no longer outweigh the lows

You notice a pattern in men you attract but don’t know how to break the cycle

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… and frankly, it’s all making you feel crazy




I was in an affair for 7 years as the “Other Women” and I lost myself completely.

I wasn’t able to end the affair until I found the right support.

Once I found the right support I was finally able to choose myself. I’m here to help you choose yourself too.

I became someone I never thought I’d be…

I constantly questioned where this was going … But felt torn on what to do next

I settled for half of a relationship… knowing deep down I deserved more

I was so concerned about making sure he was ok… That I depleted myself in the process

I allowed the relationship to be on his timeline… At the expense of my needs and happiness

I became addicted to the highs and drained from the lows… Instead of drawing a line at the emotional inconsistency

I held on to the pretty parts and future dreams… Ignoring the fact that my emotional health was declining

I was completely confused and numb towards what I wanted… Feeling like any decision I made would lead to pain

I hit lows I had never experienced before… Instead of facing hard conversations, I knew I was avoiding

Kate London - affair recovery coach
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“When I finally found Kate London I had been in an affair with a married man for 10 years. For almost all of those years I was in constant turmoil about why/how I got myself there and how to get myself out. I tried multiple therapists and had another coach who specialized in affair dynamics, but no one helped me get to the bottom of the attachment issues that were the cause of this situationship, and so I stayed stuck.

After the first call with Kate, I knew my life was going to finally change. I worked with her one-on-one for 6 months every week. She provided the empathy, space-holding, and wisdom that I needed to finally disentangle myself. Kate understands the affair dynamic and relationship dynamics, as a whole, better than any other psychotherapist or coach I’ve worked with.

She also has a community platform with weekly group calls which helped keep me in a supported space. Because of her I’m now finally free. I can’t say enough good things about this amazing woman and how she helped me change my life after 10 years of running in circles. If you are finally ready to get out, to move on, to be the independent strong woman you want to be then work with Kate.”

Now that I'm on the other side of my affair, I’m here to support the other woman becoming THE WOMAN

you’re not alone

Kate London - Affair Recovery Coach

My Coaching and Community will help you:

Resolve the ambiguity between staying or leaving

End it for good without going back

Help you understand how you got into this relationship dynamic to begin with

Restore a sense of inner peace

Unburden the emotions surrounding this secret you have been holding

Heal the trauma of an affair relationship and call in a healthy partnership

There’s so much support included

40+ hours of recorded workshops

Topics such as but not limited to:

Breaking free from obsessive thinking

Limerence VS real love

What are boundaries and how to set them

Beyond words: exploring the depths of emotional safety and connection

Releasing attachments during breakup and no contact

The illusion of safety: How to discern the difference between safety and control

Healing the father wound

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Ready to take the next step?

To ensure the program is the right fit for you, book a 30 minute discovery call with Kate.

“Meeting with a broad group of women from all over the world has been so enlightening for me. While we are all going through our own pain and heartache, the support of knowing that someone else understands you and can empathize is invaluable. It was so helpful to be able to talk to the group when long after my girlfriends could not understand why I continued to morn the loss of my affair partner.”

Sometimes the road to healing feels far too long.

You’re worthy

No matter how much faith you have lost in your ability to turn things around – IT IS POSSIBLE

I didn’t think I could ever get myself out. I didn’t feel I had the strength and thought it would be easier just to stay stuck… but I finally broke free from my affair with a married man – after seven long years – and I KNOW that you can too.

The mission of our community is:

Exclusivity – The only membership community in the world offering support for the “Other Women”

Belonging – Having to hide such an important part of your life from the rest of the world is exhausting. Here, you can feel confident being your true self, sharing your feelings honestly, knowing it will be met with full understanding and support.

Judgment free – One of the biggest things that will hold you back is your lack of safety and support. In the community, you can feel fully safe in knowing that your feelings are valid. Giving you the ability to release shame’s grip so you can finally take empowered action.

Accessibility – Having 24 / 7 support when you need it most. With women across the globe, you can be sure no matter what hour of the day you will most likely have someone to talk to when challenges arise.

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Membership Q & A

Q & A

You want to join but if you are worried about your privacy. You’re not alone. There are many who think exactly like you…

I don’t feel safe joining this kind of a membership program because I feel like I will be compromising my privacy.

You can feel safe knowing this is a private community, disconnected from all social media accounts, email etc. How much or how little you share is completely up to you.

I’m afraid I’ll be surrounded by more toxic vibes and negativity.

It is my biggest mission to build a community that holds you to your high standards. That truly supports you in stepping into your best version of yourself. Your relationships, career, spiritual and personal development. You can be sure that this community is here to bring out the very best in you with women cheering you on, on that journey.

What if I don’t feel comfortable hopping on group calls?

You can choose to participate in as little or as much as you feel comfortable. If you don’t feel ready or comfortable hopping on the calls I recommend my private coaching container.

What if I don’t feel comfortable hopping on group calls?

You can choose to participate in as little or as much as you feel comfortable. If you don’t feel ready or comfortable hopping on the calls you will still get massive value by connecting on the group forum.

Will you make me end the affair?

No. My biggest intention is to help you make sense of this situation and get you out of the pain. If I asked you “what do you want?” you may say “I don’t know. I’m so confused. By joining the community we can help pull you out of confusion and help you to start taking inspired and aligned action.

How do I cancel?

After your first three months, you can cancel your membership at any time within the member portal. You will continue to have access until the end of your billing cycle.

How to end it for good without going back

20 journaling prompts to get you out of confusion and into clarity.

A framework that helps you take empowered action and create lasting change.

And it starts with the simple step of asking the right questions. Asking the right questions will get you the answers you are seeking.

“The affair recovery support group facilitated by Kate was the missing piece that I needed to finally break free from a long-term affair. It was a safe haven, and exactly the kind of tender and open support that I needed during a vulnerable time. Being able to focus on aligning to my needs finally has been a source of strength and empowerment.”